Costa Azul, Great Surf Spot

In between Cabo San Lucas and the San Jose Airport, on the only paved road that runs along the shore. The Costa Azul Surf Shop is on the land side of the road, the surf beach is almost across the street, but down the cliff. Access is through hotel/private property, but nobody seemed to mind. 

3 sections (they are connected with the biggest swells): Acapulcito: only breaks with big swells, long rides. The Rock: the most popular, crowded. Zippers: hollow fast right. Costa Azul, for those who can make their way there, is unbelievable. The water is bathwater warm, the sea is deep blue, the water is clean, the beach is pure white, there are only a handful of surfers sharing more than enough waves. AND THE WAVES are unbelievable. 5+ feet, consistent, powerful. The bottom is a little scary during low tide. And the rides are LONG, all the way into the shore from way, way out. Later in the day conditions pick up and the waves get bigger (6-8ft), coming in sets of 3-5, making it really hard to paddle out, so I sat on the beach while my boyfriend and his buddy got pummeled. I know this sounds like a stupid chick review because I really don't know that much about surfing, but I do know that Costa Azul is a great place, and even if I'm wrong about surfing, where else can you buy beer for 50 cents and drink it while you are driving down the most amazing stretch of coastline